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We’re glad that the Lord has led you here... Whether you’re a lifelong church-goer or this will be your first time in a worship service, you’ll find a warm welcome here at Freedom In Christ Worship Center. We are located on Hwy 6 at the west edge of Lewistown, MO. We would like to welcome you to visit us this Sunday and experience Freedom In Christ for yourself. Our contact info is in the sidebar to your right, and please feel free to contact us at anytime for prayer or counseling. 

We gather at about 10am every Sunday morning for a refreshing, inspiring time of, joyful, hopeful, spirited worship together. Please join us, expecting to connect, engage and experience Jesus Christ! We are a Bible-grounded, Jesus-centered, family-friendly, grace-based New Testament church. We don’t have a dress code, and you’ll notice a lot of variety in what people wear to worship.  Some come in jeans or shorts and T-shirts, some come in dresses or shirts and ties.  Come however you are comfortable.  God looks on the heart, not a person’s clothes. God is not doing a new thing at Freedom In Christ Worship Center, but rather God is moving as He did in the Book of Acts!  The only NEW thing God is doing at Freedom In Christ Worship Center is that He is creating NEW Hearts & changing lives for those that will commit to Him.  Join us and let God do a new thing in your life! 

 Pastor Jason Geisendorfer                                                                                              

 Freedom In Christ Worship center
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a Pastor Jason "Soundbite"
The following short video clip is an excerpt taken from a sermon.  The following excerpt is titled, "When was the last time your children caught you"?




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Your Right & Your Wrong!

Many people say, "Well I don't have to go to Church to be saved." Listen to what Pastor Jason has to say about that kind of mentality. Just Click Here. 


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